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Indoor Air Quality

Have you ever taken the time to think about how your air ducts affect the air quality in your home? Air ducts that are not regularly cleaned can grow mold and mildew very easily. This mold and mildew are then filtered through the duct and back into your home. If you, or someone else living in your home, has allergies or any respiratory issues (such as asthma or COPD) this can be extremely dangerous.

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Regularly having your air ducts professionally cleaned is one of the best ways to be sure the air in your home is clean and safe for your family members. It can be hard to find a company that doesn’t overcharge for these services and gets the job done right. Well, you’re in luck. When it comes to air duct cleaning Dayton, Ohio, JH Heating and Air is the best of the best. We never overcharge our clients for our services and we always get the job done right.  

Our Dayton, Ohio HVAC team can take care of your installation for whole-home humidifiers and provide routine maintenance on those units. When utilized properly, home humidifiers can do amazing things for your home’s air quality. When the air in your home is dry, it can cause many problems for you and your family, even your home. Dry air can cause cracks in the paint and furniture in your home. Beyond that, however, is something more important to think about. Your health and the health of your other family members living in the home. When your home is plagued with dry air, it can cause respiratory issues for the people in your home. If any of your family members already suffer from things like asthma or COPD, this can be extremely dangerous. By adding moisture to the air, humidifiers are able to combat the problems associated with dry air.

One of the best ways to ensure your HVAC system is working properly and isn’t contributing to air quality problems in your home is duct sealing. An unsealed duct can drag in dust and other allergens and release them back into the air you are breathing. This can cause major health problems for you and your family, especially any members who suffer from bad allergies or breathing problems (such as asthma, COPD, and more). The dust and other contaminants can also build up in your ductwork, meaning your whole system will require duct cleaning Dayton, OH services much more often than it would if it was fully sealed. By sealing the ductwork in your home, you can improve the air quality and help limit the number of allergens and other contaminants being introduced into the air. Meaning you and your family will greatly benefit. Not only is the air cleaner and safer for you to breathe, but your ducts will also stay cleaner and will need less duct cleaning Dayton, Ohio services to keep them functional. Sounds like a win-win. JH Heating and Air is here to help with duct sealing services to keep your home functioning with cleaner air for you and your family. 

If there are members of your home who are suffering from bad allergies or respiratory issues, you may want to look into an air purification system for your home. The air inside our homes is not circulated nearly as much as the air outside, which can cause problems with stale air and allow contaminants to thrive. This stale air can trigger health issues in people with breathing issues, such as asthma and COPD, and people with severe allergies. With an air purification system in your home, the air can be refreshed and many of the contaminants in the air can be eliminated, meaning better air to breathe for you and your whole family. When you are looking for a company for HVAC Dayton, Ohio that offers air purifier installations, turn to JH Heating and Air. We are dedicated to making your home a safer place to be with fully functioning HVAC units, humidifiers, air purifiers, and more. 

JH Heating and Air also offer installation for whole-home ventilation systems and passive ventilation systems. Both options offer their own set of benefits for your home. Our team can help you understand the differences and decide which is best for your home and your family. A whole-house ventilation system can help circulate the air in your home, remove odors in the air from pets and other sources, and keep the air cleaner for family members with respiratory issues. Passive ventilation systems take a more natural approach by utilizing outdoor air and pushing contaminated air out of your home. They often come with lower costs and maintenance than whole-house ventilation systems, but they are not always the best option for every homeowner. Our team can work with you on finding the best system type for your family’s specific needs. 

Contact JH Heating and Air today for a quote on your desired services. When you’re looking for a team of HVAC Contractors Dayton, Ohio that cares about you and offers many different services designed to fit your family’s specific needs, turn to us. JH Heating and Air. With services from air purifier installation to air duct cleaning, we have everything you need to get your home functioning properly and keep the air quality where it should be. When it comes to all things Dayton Heating and Air Conditioning, we are the company you can trust.